jasondemotte (jasondemotte) wrote,

I'm going to Gallifrey

Yesterday I paid the registration fee to go to the Gallifrey One convention next year. This is the biggest Doctor Who convention in the country. I'm really excited. I've done some comic conventions here locally, but I've never gone to what is considered a major convention. Of course there is a bit of a difference in numbers from a comic convention and a Doctor Who convention. Where the San Diego Comicon has about 30,000 attendees, I think with staff, guests and attendees Gally had just under 1,600 people. But still, it's pretty much the holy land of North America Doctor Who goodness.

The major guest this year is the fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. Also many of his on-screen companions, John Leeson (the voice of K9!), Kai Owen who played Rhys on Torchwood and quite likely even more to be announced (last year had Amber Benson of Buffy fame! I've crushed on her for years!).

Oh yeah, I'm geeking out a bit. But seriously it should be a lot of fun.
Tags: doctor who
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