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In which JD tries to buy back in

I think that the website I was ordered my video camera from (photovideosuperstore.com) might be a scam site. My credit card hasn't been charged, but orders were supposed to be processed in 24 to 48 hours and that was Saturday, even allowing for the weekend that means by today it should have been processed and it hasn't. I then (admittedly later then I should have) did research and it seems like it's a bait and switch website. According to what I read they offer cheap deals and then call the customer days later after they ordered and say that they don't have the item in stock but you can get the same or better item in a more expensive bundled deal. Hence bait and switch.

I feel pretty stupid right now for not looking into a strange website a little more carefully. I pride myself on being pretty net cautious. I've never been hacked, only had a maybe two viruses on my home PC and generally excercise a reasonable amount of caution when giving out too much personal info. While I did do a quick scan of reviews of the site, it seems like the company has likely faked positive reviews on some websites making everything seem less dubious on a cursory glance then it really is.

I sent them an e-mail asking them to cancel my order since it's not been processed. I e-mailed because, well, there is no cancel instructions anywhere on the website. I'll give them until Friday and if my order status still reads as "awaiting confirmation" I'll try calling them. That is presuming they don't contact me trying to get me to buy a bigger and better camera.

I instead have ordered a Canon Vixia HF R10 from NewEgg.com. While it ran me about $50 more than the Sony camera would have, it's about comparable quality. And, in fact, I realized after ordering the Sony that it doesn't have a microphone input line, meaning you can only get audio in from the onboard camera, which generally are not the best. The Canon luckily does support that should I choose to upgrade later. Also for literally a few dollars more on NewEgg I could get a bundle (one that I chose and not being forced on me) that included two memory sticks and a carrying case for the camera. It cost me the free shipping but probably ultimately likely saved me money on stuff I'd want or need later on anyways.

Now I just hope I don't have to fight the photovideosuperstore guys to get them to cancel my order. Because I will take it to my credit card company if I have to fight the charges.
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